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Considering preparing your own 8(a) application?

To determine if that is a wise decision, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you thoroughly versed in all the regulations pertaining to the SBA 8(a) program?

  • Do you know each and every eligibility criterion that SBA uses to analyze 8(a) applications?

  • Do you know exactly what SBA is going to require in the way of backup documentation and explanations and exactly what that documentation needs to contain?

  • Are you familiar with decisions on recent cases brought before the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) and how they have affected the way SBA currently applies the regulations to new applications?

  • Are you familiar with how SBA has dealt on past applications with eligibility issues or variations similar to any that you may have?

If you can answer YES to all of the above questions - and if you can meet or correctly address 100% of SBA's 8(a) eligibility requirements - you may be able to successfully get your 8(a) application prepared, submitted through the Certify system, processed and approved by SBA by yourself.

But, if you answered NO to any of the questions, you absolutely should not attempt applying on your own. If you do, your application will be returned unprocessed, and you will have to re-apply if you still want to pursue 8(a) certification. That can happen multiple times causing you to waste many months as well as miss out on potential opportunities.

In the end, that wasted time and lost opportunities can turn out to be many times more costly than engaging our expert 8(a) certification consulting services to get it done correctly the first time.  After all, we CAN answer yes to all those questions.  

If you are curious to know, the following link will explain what actually happens to most self-prepared 8(a) applications once they get submitted to SBA.

==> SBA rejects most self-prepared applications on the first go around.




Ready to get help? Please call us at (888) 440-5562 or fill in the CONTACT form.  We will perform a no-cost evaluation of whether or not - with our expert guidance - you can successfully apply for SBA 8(a) certification.


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