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SBA treats re-submissions as new applications. 

This is the key point.  When SBA gets your re-submitted application, they don't just pick up where they left off on your returned application. Instead, your re-submission is treated as if it were a brand new application. It goes to the back of the line - which may have 100 or more applications in front of yours - waits its turn to be screened again, and the whole process starts over from the beginning. That will add months to the processing time - not to mention extra work, frustration and potential lost opportunities. 

Once it gets back to the screener, what happens? Well, if the screening of your re-submitted application reveals that it is still incomplete, or still has unresolved eligibility issues, it will be returned yet another time, and you will again need to start over from the beginning. That will add even more months to the processing time 

But if SBA finds that you have completely provided and addressed everything this time, your application will be assigned to an analyst who will begin a detailed review your entire submission including all your uploaded backup documents. 

The analyst will typcally ask for clarification on certain items and possibly additional documentation in a system notification giving you 15 calendar days to respond.  If you provide everything requested by the deadline, your application will move into the processing phase where it will be carefully analyzed - including comparing it to what you submitted the first time.  But if you miss the deadline, or if you do not provide what was requested, your application will be returned and you will have to re-apply.

Some applicants who go it alone end up making multiple re-submission attempts over many months or even several years before getting their decision letter. Others choose to save themselves time and money by retaining an experienced professional expert to get it done correctly.

Sadly, many applicants who attempt to apply on their own become discouraged after the first rejection and simply abandon the application. And that is unfortunate because nearly half of all federal contract dollars going to small businesses are awarded under the 8(a) program. So that means that those applicants will miss out on the opportunity to participate in over $16 billion in contracts that are set aside for 8(a) certified firms each year.

All of these problems can easily be avoided. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you prepare and submit an 8(a) application that will succeed on the first try. Please give us a call us at (888) 440-5562 to have a no-cost eligibility evaluation. We will discuss your situation in detail and let you know whether or not - with our expert guidance - you can qualify for 8(a) certification.



Ready to get help? Please call us at (888) 440-5562 or fill in the CONTACT form.  We will perform a no-cost evaluation of whether or not - with our expert guidance - you can successfully apply for SBA 8(a) certification.


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