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Why can't I just prepare and submit my own 8(a) application?   You can. It is really more a question of whether or not you should. The answer to that question depends, first of all, on how much extra time you have on your hands to dedicate to an extremely detailed and time-consuming project - and how thoroughly you know SBA's complex regulations concerning eligibility.

But more importantly, it depends on whether or not you need your 8(a) application to succeed on the first attempt. Remember that the federal government awards over $60,000,000 in 8(a) contracts each business day. So the delays caused by failed attempts and returned applications have significant opportunity costs far exceeding the cost of getting expert help. More about this...


Why you should seriously consider expert help:  In a nutshell, it will save you a great deal of time, money and headaches.  Here is an inside peek at what actually happens when applicants decide to prepare and submit their own 8(a) applications without getting expert help:

    SBA rejects most self-prepared 8(a) applications the first time around.   After the initial screening, SBA rejects the vast majority of self-prepared 8(a) applications, designating them as deficient and inadequate for processing.    More about this...

    Why does SBA do that?   SBA is understaffed and seriously backlogged. They receive many hundreds of deficient 8(a) applications each year - mostly prepared by the applicants themselves without knowledgeable guidance. Those applications have no chance of being approved as submitted, so SBA elects not to go through the full processing of such applications, since they would only have to be denied. More about this...

    Do self-prepared applications ever get past SBA's initial screening?    A few do, but not very manyMore about this...  

    What happens when SBA "returns" your 8(a) application?  You receive an email from SBA indicating that your application has been determined to be deficient and cannot be processed, or that is has inadequately addressed eligibility issues.  Your case gets designated "returned with no furhter action taken". If you still want to get 8(a) certified, you will need to reapply. More about this... 

    SBA treats re-submissions as new applications.  That means you must start the whole process over.  More about this...

All of that can be avoided.   We have the experience and the insider knowledge to make sure that doesn't happen to you. Our long and unblemished track record backs that up.      



Ready to get help? Please call us at (888) 440-5562 or fill in the CONTACT form.  We will perform a no-cost evaluation of whether or not - with our expert guidance - you can successfully apply for SBA 8(a) certification.


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