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Expert SBA 8(a) Application and Certification Consultants Since 1983

The nation's top two expert SBA 8(a) certification consultants team up to get you 8(a) certified on the first try

Did you know that over half of all the products and services that the Federal  Government buys from small businesses are bought through the SBA 8(a) program?  That amounts to over 16 billion dollars per year in contracts reserved exclusively for small, disadvantaged businesses that have obtained SBA 8(a) program certification.  For perspective, that is more than America buys from most countries in the world - in fact, over 95% of them.

The eligibility requirements for SBA 8(a) program certification are complex, and SBA's examination of each applicant's eligibility for 8(a) certification is detailed and rigorous.  ARA Consulting is the most experienced consulting practice in the nation providing expert assistance to firms hoping to obtain 8(a) program certification. We have the in-depth knowledge needed to help your firm to get through this complex process and successfuly obtain your 8(a) certification on the first try.  

  • Joseph Donnini: Our senior SBA 8(a) expert consultant recently retired as Supervisor of SBA's Division of Program Certification and Eligibility (DPCE) for the last 27 years. That office is where 8(a) applications are reviewed and minutely scrutinized to determine if they will be recommended for approval or for denial.  After being worked up by DPCE staff, Joe personally reviewed each 8(a) application that went through that office during his long tenure there - over 35,000 of them - and made the approval or denial recommendation for each one.  

  • Alanson Anderson: Our principal consultant founded the practice and has 35 years of successful experience as an expert consultant assisting firms to apply for SBA 8(a) certification. His track record of success is unblemished - the longest in the nation.  

No consulting practice in the nation has more expertise in matters of SBA 8(a) program eligibility.  We work as a team to combine unmatched levels of experience preparing 8(a) applications with first-hand knowledge of how SBA analyses 8(a) applications and applies the 8(a) eligibility rules, as well as how eligibility obstacles can be successfully and legally overcome. 


Please see SBA 8a Application Assistance Services for more information.



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